The Healthy Plate Guidebook


The Healthy Plate Guidebook includes:

  • 6 weeks of anti-inflammatory and immune boosting meal plans
  • Delicious, easy to cook recipes
  • Grocery lists and a meal prep guide
  • And more! Read full details below:


This meal plan is chock full of simple and delicious recipes that are designed to get you feeling your best! With over 60 pages of support, download our 6 Week Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Supporting Meal Plan for easy to follow with ingredients you can find in your local grocery store in one weekly list.

Each week is divided into a nutritionist-written meal plan, grocery list, and prep ideas and plans. While many people will find this to be the easiest solution, we know your palate may not love every single recipe, which is why we made every meal and snack inter- changeable. Simply plug in a recipe you love and you’ll be good to go!

The single most important thing our clients tell us when it comes to nutrition? Plan ahead. Each week we’ve provided prep plans and ideas to make your kitchen come alive with healthy food. For some people this means a Sunday prep day, but others will plan out cooking throughout the week. The key is in the preparation and knowing how you’ll fill your kitchen table before 5 PM rolls around.

What’s not in the plan? Most foods associated with inflammation. Feeling your best means making sure your body’s at its healthiest, and our nutritional team has made sure you’ll get there.

Want to get support as you make your way through the program? Purchase The Healthy Plate + Support program and join the next group!