New Student Challenge

10 Classes in 3 Weeks!

Limit one per person

First visit only

Meet the Mat Package   

1 MO Unlimited Classes + Private Instruction

For new and
returning clients   

Yoga + Wellness Membership

Unlimited Classes + 1 Wellness Appt. Per Month

60 or 90 min options available

Memberships + Pricing

Luma’s Lotus Membership

12-month commitment

yoga & wellness options

Luma’s ½ Lotus Membership

6-month commitment

yoga & wellness options


Students come to yoga for the benefit of continued practiced. Coming to class consistently is what helps us feel our best. Our best discounts reward a commitment to self-care through our Lotus (12 month) and ½ Lotus (6 month) membership options. We have unlimited, 1x/ week, and 2x/ week yoga memberships to offer ultimate flexibility!


Additionally, commit to regular wellness care and save with our Wellness Memberships, or combine Yoga + Wellness for overall health and wellbeing!


All memberships include 10% off retail purchases as well as access to exclusive members-only sales.
Kid’s Memberships can be used for classes, as well as childcare!

Yoga (for Kids & Adults)Month to Month½ LotusLotus
Unlimited Classes$122$102$82
1 Class/Week$67$60$52
2 Classes/Week$112$92$72
Yoga + Wellness ½ Lotus Lotus
Unlimited classes + 1 60 min treatment
Unlimited classes + 1 90 min treatment
Wellness ½ Lotus Lotus
1 60 min wellness treatment per month$100$90
1 90 min wellness treatment per month$135$125
  • Rates are charged monthly
  • Unlimited Class Membership [Month to Month] can be purchased as a single month, or auto-renewing
  • 1 & 2X/week classes do not ‘roll over’
  • See cancellation & suspension policies
  • A one-time $79 activation fee will be applied to all auto-renewing membership options. No activation fee if membership is paid full in advance

class pricing

class + childcare packages

New Student Challenge [10 Classes in 3 Weeks] $39

Meet the Mat Package$175

  • 1 Month Unlimited Classes
  • 1 60-Min Private Session
  • 1 30 Min Follow-Up Session
  • Save over $100!

4 Class Pass [1 Month Expiration]$75

Childcare Bundle [10 Sessions]$140

Drop-In Rates

Single Drop in Class$25

Single Drop in Childcare [up to 80 minutes] $20

College Student/Senior Drop-in [Available at the front desk with photo ID]$17

Unlimited Classes [1 Month]$175

1 Class/Week [1 Month]$67

2 Classes/Week [1 Month]$112

massage pricing

massage packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min massages in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min massages in 1 Month]$520

Mother-to-Be Bliss Package$500

  • 3 Prenatal 90 Min Massages
  • 1 Postnatal 60 Min Massage
  • FREE Luma Blend Signature Essential Oil
  • Save over $50!

Massage Rates

60-Minute Massage$105

90-Minute Massage$145

30-Minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Becky Emerson$55

CBD Add-On (Add CBD oil to any massage to reduce inflammation, relieve overworked muscles, and relieve all kinds of tension)$20

acupuncture pricing

acupuncture packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min Acu Treatments in 1 Month]$380

Pre-Birth Acupuncture Prep$570

    • 6 sessions
    • For weeks 36-40
    • Save $60!

Acupuncture Rates

75-Minute Standard Initial Intake$145

90-Minute Expanded Initial Intake (for more complex health concerns, lab review and/or detox plan)$185

60-Minute Follow Up Treatment$105

60-Minute Pre-Birth/Labor Induction Treatment$105

15-Minute Add-On (can be added to any appointment for more in depth consultation)$50

craniosacral therapy pricing

craniosacral therapy packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min treatments in 1 Month]$360

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min treatments in 1 Month]$460

Craniosacral Therapy Rates

Adult or Infant Intake: 90 min$130

Adult or Infant Follow-up: 60 min$100

Blended Mama + Baby Custom Care:
(Acupuncture, Craniosacral, and Lactation support):

60-Minute Treatment$100
90-Minute Treatment$130

aromatherapy pricing

aromatherapy rates

Aromatherapy for Adults, Pre/Postnatal or Youth

60 min treatment$105
90 min treatment$145

Aroma Alchemy Partyfrom $150

  • Book for your next shower, birthday, celebration or event!

melt method pricing

melt method packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min MELT Treatments in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min MELT Treatments in 1 Month]$520

MELT Method Rates

60-Minute Private Session$105

90-Minute Private Session $145

movement therapy pricing

movement therapy packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min Movement Therapy Sessions in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min Movement Therapy Sessions in 1 Month]$520

Movement Therapy Rates

60-Minute Private Session $105

90-Minute Private Session$145

private yoga + yoga therapy pricing

private yoga packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min Private Yoga Sessions in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min Private Yoga Sessions in 1 Month]$520

Meet the Mat Package $175

  • 1 60-Min Private Session
  • 1 Month Unlimited Yoga
  • 1 30-Min Follow-Up Session
  • Save over $100!

Private Yoga Rates

60-Minute Private Session $105

90-Minute Private Session$145