A Space for Everyone

Our lounge is a child-friendly gathering place where you can relax, take a break, feed your baby, enjoy a cup of tea, meet a friend, or browse through a book from our lending library.


It is not uncommon to see people of all ages mingling at Luma.  We take pride in our center as a robust community hub where everyone feels welcome.  We all need a home away from home and a friendly and diverse community to call our own.  Luma is committed to enabling not only self-care and a break from the stresses of our daily lives, but an opportunity to linger and engage with one another. Drop in before class, after an appointment, or whenever you like. Be sure to make yourself at home!  

You Belong Here


A little bit of everything

Our boutique features a wide array of local, sustainable, handmade product from brands we trust, sourced both locally and internationally. We select highest quality in yoga accessories & clothing, jewelry, bath & body care, baby carriers, books, essential oils,  supplements, and a wide array of gifts for all ages.