We are happy to host a variety of instructors who are eager to share their area(s) of expertise for your benefit. Trained in such styles as Vinyasa, Prenatal, Hatha, Anusara, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, and much more, instructors at Luma use their knowledge to provide classes and experiences for a wide variety of audiences.

Allison Marino, MS, RYT-200

Allison has been a practitioner of yoga for over 25 years. She finally heeded the call to teach after a multi-year journey through injury and healing. The truth in yoga is different for each body, and the same pose may be optimally expressed quite differently in each person on any given day. In her own yoga journey, she has found that integration and equanimity are more important than external aesthetic expression and continuous exactitude. Allison has studied Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga styles. Her current focus is on guiding students to listen to their inner teacher while offering modifications with compassion, and she has a particular interest in cueing that is inclusive for the hypermobile yoga population, a group that can go too deeply into postures due to loose ligaments. Understanding the action and counteraction in asana and movement is the foundation of a sustainable yoga practice for students of all flexibility and strength levels.


In addition to her RYT-200 yoga credential, Allison has completed MELT Method training. MELT is a healing modality that works by stimulating the body’s extensive connective tissue system. MELT has many global health benefits, and specifically helps with chronic pain, post-workout recovery, and muscle stiffness. MELT classes employ soft foam rollers and small soft balls to gently effect powerful changes throughout the body. Find Allison’s MELT classes at Luma Yoga in Santa Cruz as well as Ease Mountain Yoga & Nourishing Arts in Ben Lomond.


Allison’s life journey has taken her through several transitions. After earning a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, she spent the 1990’s as a chip designer before moving on to owning a wine consultancy, and then eventually starting a family and becoming a volunteer School Garden Coordinator. Through it all, yoga has been part of her life. She now continues her journey by bringing her thoughtful analytical approach and gentle inquisitiveness to her classes.

Amanda West, Womb Song Co-Founder

Womb Song’s mission is to ease the transition into motherhood through song, by building supportive community among women in all stages of motherhood (including those trying to conceive) as well as with birth-workers.The name Womb Song came from Maya Waldman, a community musician and singer in the U.K. Through a grant, she created and led prenatal singing circles at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. We are grateful for her generosity and support in helping bring Womb Song to the U.S.


Womb Song’s co-founders in the United States, Amanda West and Megan Jacobsmeyer, connected through a mutual friend and combined their passions for music, singing, motherhood and birth. They held their first Womb Song circle in Santa Cruz, California in January of 2014 and have been going strong every since.


Amanda West, Co-Founder of Womb Song, is an award winning singer-songwriter, recording artist, music teacher, and mother. She holds a firm belief in the power of music to heal the world, and is deeply passionate about the empowerment of women and girls. A regular attendee of the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, as well the Zen Buddhist community of Tassajara, she loves the weaving together of ancient wisdom and modern music. She has trained with DONA (Doulas of North America), and lives her life at the intersection of motherhood and music.


Learn more about Amanda here.

Amber Anjali, RYT-200, CBE, GFD

Amber started her exploration into yoga over 15 years ago. After studying intensively for 3 years with her teacher, Jonathan Patriarca, in 2013, she became on of the first certified Level 2 Instructors in Bheemashakti Yoga in the U.S.

In 2015, Amber and her husband Meeshi founded GroovaRoo Dance, sharing their love of family dancing all over the world. Amber gave birth to her son Aemon in 2016 and realized that her yoga practice alongside her joy for dance played an integral role in her labor and birth. As a Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist & Birth Doula, Amber weaves breath awareness, movement and mindfulness together to prepare a pregnant mother for her birth journey.

Take classes with Amber and Meeshi at various venues in Santa Cruz, more information at their Groovaroo site!

Ami Cayton, RYT-200

Ami has explored yoga for the past 20+ years, after being exposed to it as a teen. Her practice is a place she comes to for physical and mental challenge, connection of breath with movement, and mindfulness of the present. Yoga has brought Ami such benefit through mind/body integration, deeper awareness, and physical healing. Inspired to bring this to others, she completed Luma’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Valerie Moselle. Ami wants to offer space for others to explore their own unique bodies and minds, through breath work, postures, and mindfulness of the present.


Working with children brings such joy to Ami’s life. After teaching in the classroom for 10 years, she was inspired to bring movement to kids’ lives, and participated in Luma Kids Teacher Training with Lynda Meeder. Seeing the benefits of self-regulation, body/mind connection, and fun that kids’ yoga brings, Ami is inspired to teach children of many ages. She hopes her love and appreciation of yoga can be carried on to her students through their own discovery.


Founder of Nectar Yoga, you can find Ami spreading the Kids Yoga love wherever she is teaching!

Amy Baldwin

Amy Baldwin is a Certified Sex Educator, Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach, and co-owner of Pure Pleasure, a mother-daughter-owned sex-positive pleasure boutique in downtown Santa Cruz. She has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University, sexuality education training through SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) as well as the Somatica Institute. Amy is passionate about providing honest, accurate information to help people enhance their sexual pleasure and well-being.


Luma is pleased to contract with Amy for special workshops throughout the year. Want to know when she’ll be back? Email us at [email protected]

Amy Rawlings, RYT-200

Amy found yoga at the age of 21 with her first class at Cabrillo College. Ever since, yoga has been an integral part of Amy’s adult life. She remains a devoted student with an open heart to different styles and teachers. Amy completed her 200 hr Teacher Training in 2008. Recently, she received Kids Yoga Teacher Training certificates from It’s Yoga Kids in San Francisco and from YogaKids, Inc. in Santa Cruz.


Amy has worked with kids her whole life. Before having her own children, she taught preschool and kindergarten age kids for many years. Amy teaches yoga to kids in the Santa Cruz community in a wide range of settings including camps, studios, classrooms, and more recently to kids with special needs in local public schools. Both yoga and teaching kids are passions of Amy’s and it brings her such joy to link them together. Amy hopes to ignite her love of yoga in every child in her class.

Anne Hogan, RYT-200, RPYT

The practice of yoga has been tremendously healing throughout Anne’s life. She first discovered yoga as a way to cope with anxiety and depression in her early 20’s and has been continually amazed by the transformation and healing that comes from her practice. During pregnancy, she found her practice deepening as it provided space to connect more deeply to self and her baby (and to navigate the ups and downs of the perinatal period). She was certified in Classical Ashtanga Yoga and Pre-natal/Post-natal Yoga at Mount Madonna Institute in 2014.


Anne approaches teaching as she does her personal practice — with a beginners’ mind. Even after 15 years of practice, she feels she is first and foremost a student. There is always something new to discover. Anne’s practice includes not only asana, but pranayama, restorative, and yoga nidra as well. When appropriate, she likes to incorporate these different elements into her classes. Her classes, available both at Luma Yoga and Watsonville Yoga, Dance and Healing Arts are accessible to beginners and experienced yogis alike, but always sensitive to the needs of students individually and collectively. Most importantly, Anne provides a safe space for personal inquiry, inviting students to honor their bodies and find peace within.

Bridget Puchalsky

Bridget has extensive training and experience in the fields of yoga and holistic medicine. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) classically trained in Asthanga and Hatha Yoga. Bridget’s life’s work is in assisting others to find thriving health by offering her expertise in yoga and holistic medicine. She is a licensed primary healthcare provider in California with a four-year Masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a two-year Ayurvedic Medicine training.


Bridget’s enthusiastic and full-spectrum classes include attention to the breath, movement, and focus on alignment. She blends a complimentary ratio of flexibility, strength, and balance while encouraging students to exercise their inner intuition and breath to guide the practice. Students can expect detailed verbal cues, demonstration of poses, and hands-on adjustments. Practice often includes: gentle warm-ups with qi gong exercises, sun or moon salutations, anatomical refinement using props, chakra and channel alignment, gentle breath work, and meditation.

Brittany Caesar

Brittany began practicing yoga in 1995. She has been teaching Hatha Vinyasa yoga for five years. Her classes are challenging, but also introduce different levels of poses with variations, clear guidance, and cues for alignment. Brittany places emphasis on breath and encourages students to stay at a level that is appropriate for their experience, practice, and body.


Her influences include Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Vinyasa flow yoga. She is grateful for the teachers that have inspired her along the way: Sharre Young, Belinda Clements, Michael McEvoy, and Shiva Rea. She believes yoga has a way of healing the body and easing the mind through meditative breath and invigorating practice. We are happy to have contracted with Brittany for classes and workshops since we opened in 2012.

Brittany McDermott

Brittany McDermott is a small town girl who moved to Santa Cruz from Riggins, Idaho to pursue her dream of becoming a yoga teacher–specializing in both child and young-adult yoga practices. She is currently attaining her 200-hour yoga Teacher Training and Kids Yoga Training through Luma Yoga, with teachers Valerie Moselle and Lynda Meeder. Brittany’s contracted classes include Kids Yoga 3+ Years and Family Yoga.


Brittany was introduced to yoga by her dear friend and teacher Mariah Crump in 2013. She found that through the practice and study of yoga she felt more peaceful, present, and open. With a background in working with students in the public school and privately as a developmental therapist, Brittany could not wait to share this wonderful practice with children and young adults alike; modeling, teaching, and practicing acceptance, calmness, love, non-judgment, and the power of yoga. Brittany believes children will benefit and cultivate a stronger sense of self, purpose, and love for people, places, animals, and the world.

Dawn Hayes, CYT-500

Dawn began to study yoga in 2001 and began teaching in 2005. Many people have inspired and encouraged Dawn in her path to teach, but Tias Little, Gabriel Halpern, and Christina Sell have had the strongest influence on her as a student and teacher. She values their guidance and support of her and continues to dive deep in practice at their encouragement. It is this same relationship and attitude that she aspires to provide her students.


Dawn’s classes emphasizes breath, flow, and form as keys to unlocking basic and advanced postures. The breath is always a foundation that we flow from, and the mechanics or actions of a pose will build from the breath. Some classes will find more steadiness and holding of poses to build strength and stamina. Other classes will find more flow as grace and breath meet in the practice. Expect to build up to new things and break down a pose or two each class.


Exploring different variations and prop set-ups in the same poses help to reveal the many layers of each asana. You will find that there are many props available and sometimes you’ll use all of them! There are countless creative ways to use blocks, straps, and blankets, as well as the more exotic chairs, sandbags, and wall-ropes.


Dawn finds that contemplative practice is an important part of her daily practice and her classes. Yoga practice is not limited to asana alone, and taking time for contemplation and meditation is important in our fast-paced and connected world.


For more information about Dawn and her classes, workshops, and retreats please visit: www.dawnhayesyoga.com

Elena Kelly, RYT-500

Elena believes that cultivating a joyful existence comes from a compassionate connection to the self. Her yoga lessons offer this connection, through a dynamic relationship of challenge and nurturance to the body, while holding a mirror to life’s cognitive tendencies, and emotional patterns.

With a 500-hr Yoga Alliance certification and a background in Hatha, Restorative, and Therapeutic Yoga, as well as specialized Yoga For Cancer training, her classes are rhythmic, they balance gentle strengthening and passive release, and encourage the practitioner to turn awareness inward to strengthen bodymind connection and sense of self. In partnership with PAMF, Elena’s Yoga for Cancer classes are designed to bring students relief from pain, fatigue, stress, and anxiety by creating a positive and efficient internal environment. Through an advanced knowledge of functional anatomy and yoga alignment principles, Elena offers creative yet safe asana sequencing with deliberate guidance and fluid communication. With over 8 years of teaching experience in public, corporate, and private environments, adaptive instruction to fit an individuals needs is fundamental to Elena’s teaching style and strengthens her belief in cultivating self awareness and compassion on the yoga mat and in everyday life.

Find more information about Elena’s public classes and teaching schedule here.

Erin Munning, M.A., RYT-200, RCYT

Erin has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years. While pregnant, Erin discovered Luma Yoga’s prenatal offerings and quickly fell in love with the Luma community. Erin’s practice deepened when she found her teacher, Valerie Moselle, and continued to take her daughter to parent and me yoga classes. The profound benefits the practices had on her and her daughter inspired Erin to complete the 100 hour Kid Yoga Teacher Training and the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Luma Yoga.

Erin’s kids yoga and family yoga classes are playful, energetic and mindful. She weaves in yoga postures, breath work, music and relaxation. Erin is passionate about providing a loving space where caretakers can practice yoga with their children and both can find a few moments of spiritual nourishment.

Erin currently teaches a Tiny Toddler & Me yoga class on Tuesdays at 10:30 am.

Gina Lepore, M.Ed.

Gina holds a Masters of Education with a Human Sexuality focus from Widener University (Phildelphia, PA), and a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. She has over 20 years’ experience in reproductive and sexual health, with a background in community health care, program evaluation, curriculum development, research, education, and training. She is committed to promoting the development of healthy sexuality for people of all ages and to increasing awareness and acceptance of all types of diversity in her work. Gina currently divides her professional time between her roles as a researcher and trainer, gynecological teaching associate, and sex educator. As a mother of two young people ages 14 and 17, she is well versed in conversations about sex with her own children and their friends, as well as her friends’ children.


Luma is pleased to contract with Gina for special workshops throughout the year. Want to know when she’ll be back? Email us at [email protected]

Gretchen Retka, BFA, CYT-350, Certified Professional Birth Doula

With 13 years of practice and teaching since 2008, Gretchen’s training (350 hours CYT) includes Living Yoga Program with an emphasis in yoga combining ideokinesis, Prenatal Yoga with Hannah Muse at the Mount Madonna Center, Baptiste Power Yoga, and Yoga Behind Bars. Gretchen has dived deeply into Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Tao Yoga, while traveling to India and Thailand for Thai Yoga Massage training and Eastern Secrets of Love (Tao & Tantra).


A Certified Birth Doula with a passion for women’s holistic health, Gretchen is currently studying at Cabrillo College in Health Sciences, taking her Midwifery prerequisites. Find Gretchen’s services and public teaching schedule here.


Prior to moving to Santa Cruz, with a love for travel, Gretchen has attended birth in a variety of settings including home births with traditional midwives, hospitals alongside nursing staff, and birth centers internationally. Passionate to provide care which empowers each and every family leading to healthy birth outcomes Gretchen is very grateful to be a part of the diverse Santa Cruz community as a prenatal yoga teacher & doula. When she is not helping families through this life changing transition, she loves to play music, read, dance salsa, be in the ocean, hike, be with family, and travel.

Groovaroo Dance

In 2015, Amber and Meeshi happened to see a couple dancing salsa while babywearing on YouTube and had an “a-ha” moment: What if would happen if they married their two life passions together: babywearing (Amber is a babywearing educator, pre-natal yoga teacher and birth doula) and soul line dancing (Meeshi is a 20-year dance teacher who loves to create dances to Soul/Funk/R&B music). The result: The viral GroovaRoo Dance. In 2016, they gave birth to their first child and are excited about bringing GroovaRoo Dance to the Bay Area and building a new life as a family in Santa Cruz. They are also excited to start the new Santa Cruz Family Dance Project, whose mission is to normalize family dancing by creating fun, interactive parent-child dance programs where parents are able to dance with their children and other love-minded families from pregnancy through the teenage years.

Hilary Nihlen, M.A., RYT-200

Hilary started practicing Ashtanga and Anusara yoga while in graduate school. Yoga gave her the ability to listen to her inner voice and be her authentic self, something she sees as a lifelong practice. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sri Yoga in San Francisco in 2013 where, among other things, she learned about the history of yoga and how to teach from an authentic voice.


Hilary is also a DJ at a local college radio station, a runner, and a singer. She believes that everyone has the ability to do yoga. All you need is the willingness to try new things and the desire to learn more about yourself. At Luma, Hilary’s contracted classes currently include Kids Yoga 3-7 Years and Family Yoga.

Ilana Ingber, MA, RYT-200

Ilana Ingber, founder of Happy HeART Studio and Happy HeART Teacher Mentorship program, is an expert on teaching mindfulness, social emotional learning skills, and growth mindset to children and school teachers. She has her masters in Art and Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, her 200-hour yoga certification from YogaWorks, as well as, a yoga alliance certification in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children from Little Flower Yoga.


Ilana is passionate about helping people find inner confidence, joy, and meaning through the teaching of art, yoga, qi gong, and meditation. She infuses themes such as: self-love, compassion, collaboration, determination, courage, and gratitude in all her lessons. Ilana has taught as an educator in both the public school, private school, and museum settings. She began her career in New York City where she worked for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Learning through Art Program and Creativity Institute. She later taught at Success Academy Charter School and became the Art Content Lead, providing mentorship and professional development for art teachers across the network of Success Academy schools.


Ilana is an active member of the National Art Education Association and has presented at National Conventions on topics such as: Teaching Collaboration Skills through Painting Curriculum, Assessing Creativity, and Infusing Mindfulness Practices into the Art Studio. Additionally Ilana attends neuroscience, experiential education, and mindfulness conferences every year as part of her ongoing learning. Overall, Ilana is most committed to teaching herself and others how to find inner love, joy, and creativity, to create a more compassionate and peaceful world.

Janet Leimeister

As a former member of the U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Team and a performer in Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” Show, Janet has deep experience with body intelligence and the joy of movement, as well as the disappointment of injuries. After a few years of motherhood and aging not-so-gracefully, she needed a physical endeavor that could rekindle her belief in the capability of her body and keep her intrigued by including creativity and challenge. She began yoga and has found it to be all of this—and more. Yoga strengthened her body, and the practice also has helped her cope with the loss of several pregnancies, deepened her well of patience needed as a parent and partner, and distilled her sense of self.


Janet approaches her classes with enthusiasm, humor and a dedication to helping each student find—or rediscover—his/her own capabilities and relish them. She gets all the joints moving in all their glorious ways while bringing awareness to the breath and the internal landscape that drives and thrives on it. Clear instruction, a welcoming environment and a chance to be challenged and to play—join on in!


Janet earned her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training under Valerie Moselle, owner of Luma, and Robin Penney, and she has studied Kids Yoga with Lynda Meeder. Prior to learning all of this amazing stuff, Janet earned a B.A. in English, studied human anatomy and physiology, and will soon be a Certified Massage Therapist. Backpacking and goofing off with family are her other two main pursuits.

Jeanne Feeney

Jeanne Feeney is a bodyworker and movement therapist who has been a Certified Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering ® since 1989. She brings her creativity as a dancer and choreographer to her work with clients of all ages, encouraging and facilitating their individual paths to health through the lens of movement repatterning and awareness. Jeanne is also attuned to the subtle energetic healing of cranio-sacral therapy as a hands-on way of integrating the fluidity of a renewed and healthier adult, child, or infant.


She directs the Movement Laboratory where she has a private practice. She also teaches movement /yoga classes and workshops at Luma as well as the wider community. At the Santa Cruz Waldorf School, Jeanne leads classes for parents and toddlers. Jeanne also teaches parenting workshops with Inspired Family Life, together with local Santa Cruz parenting experts Cindy Brooks MFT and Joya Birns.

Jen Holz, CHHC, RYT-200

Jen first stepped on to the mat in 2003 and it was love at first Savasana. A dancer for most of her years, she felt a deep connection to the organic movement, rhythmic fluidity, and moving meditation of Vinyasa Flow. What she didn’t realize was the awareness and deep transformation that yoga would bring to her life. In 2010 Jen embarked on a journey to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through CorePower Yoga so that she could share her knowledge and love for yoga with others. You can find her contracted classes at Luma on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings.


Pulling from the energy flows in Power Yoga and the connection to the breath in Vinyasa, Jen’s intention is to create a playful safe space for her students, free from judgment and expectation. She will challenge you to go beyond your self-imposed limitations while exploring your own unique possibilities. Jen also supports new mamas and mamas-to-be through prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Jenn Pilotti, MS

Jennifer has a B.S. in Exercise Science with a Physiology emphasis from UC Davis and an M.S. in Human Movement from A.T. Still University. She is the owner of Be Well Personal Training in Carmel, California. She has completed numerous post graduate courses in stress, pain science, journalism, and neuromuscular techniques, and holds several certifications, including FRC MS, MovNat level I, GMB Trainer, DNS EXT, and NASM CES. She has been training clients full time, in a one on one setting since 2002, opened her first studio in 2013, and regularly teach workshops for movement professionals on a variety of topics. She remains curious and committed to providing an enriched learning experience to both clients and professionals.


In addition to teaching, she writes for a number of online websites and am a guest lecturer for the US Navy Senior Leadership Seminar.


Learn more about Jenn’s Courses and Trainings.

Jenny Putt, PT, OCS, FAFS, CMP

Jenny Putt is a licensed physical therapist and certified massage practitioner who specializes in the pelvic floor and orthopedic injuries. She has been a physical therapist for 8 years and has owned her own business, Two Healing Hands, in Santa Cruz for just over 3 years. She is also partnered with Studio 831 and is the athletic trainer for Santa Cruz High School. Jenny is dedicated to providing one-on-one specialized care to the Santa Cruz community and as a new mother herself, is determined to improve both pre and post-natal care. She is excited to work with Luma by providing workshops on various topics including pre-natal fitness, injury prevention and the pelvic floor. Jenny brings a wealth of knowledge to the Luma community and is a great resource for all mamas and expecting mamas.

Jessie Marks

Jessie completed her 200-hour yoga certification in 2014 and has since been teaching in Santa Cruz, Big Sur and the Bay area. Her classes provide a calm, meditative atmosphere that integrate both heating and cooling poses, harmonized with a vinyasa flow. Jessie believes in the importance of connecting the mind and body through yogic movement and breath consciousness. She recently completed her massage certification through Esalen Institute and plans to integrate both modalities to enrich and empower peoples lives towards their own happiness and wellbeing.

Journey Talkovic

Journey has committed her professional life to supporting women and their families through the childbearing process. She has attended hundreds of births, first as a Doula, and for the last four years as a Certified Nurse Midwife. Journey is also a certified prenatal and postpartum massage therapist, lactation educator, childbirth educator and infant massage educator. She is currently practicing Midwifery at Aptos Women’s Health, a dedicated private OB/GYN practice in Santa Cruz.

Journey believes that the practice of yoga during pregnancy is key to a woman’s process as she embodies and empowers herself as a mother. Journey has taught prenatal and postpartum yoga since 2004. Her classes are inspired by her teacher trainings with Ana Forrest, Janet Stone, Jennifer More, and Robin Sale. Journey brings her extensive knowledge and experience of pregnancy and childbirth to her classes, ensuring that they are safe for all mothers, regardless of experience. Her classes offer women a fun and challenging physical experience, as well as a time to sit in a supportive circle with other women. She delights in her students leaving class feeling empowered, educated, supported, and strengthened.

Kathy Páez, E-RYT 500

Kathy Páez, E-RYT 500, is an international Yoga teacher trainer from Costa Rica with over a decade in experience teaching Yoga. A constant student as well, regularly studying Yin Yoga under Yin Yoga masters Paul & Suzee Grilley, and having also studied classical Ashtanga Yoga at Mount Madonna Center (Baba Hari Dass) amongst many other years of practice and training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Prana Vinyasa flow (Shiva Rea) and Sanskrit (University of Barcelona with Dra. María Elena Sierra). Her teachings combine Yin & Yang (Vinyasa) Yoga while always keeping in mind the energetic currents of the body, the seasons, skeletal variation, functional approach to postures and of course; the individual/s needs.

Learn more about Kathy’s public classes, training calendar, and more at kathypaezyoga.com

Kaili Reynolds

Kaili Reynolds is a Certified Childbirth Educator through CAPPA, a DONA Int’l trained Birth Doula, and she holds a B.A. in Community Studies. She teaches ongoing Natural Childbirth Prep classes at Luma, and is a member of the Luma Doula Team offering prenatal, birth, and postpartum support. As a Birth Doula, Kaili takes pride in her ability to serve as a model of patience. She is uniquely talented at calming mothers and putting birth partners at ease by teaching them a variety of ways to support and enhance the birth process.


Kaili’s goal is to facilitate connection, mental awareness, and self compassion for her clients. Parents in her Natural Childbirth Prep. classes are encouraged to consider all of the birth choices and resources available so they can feel empowered to make their own decisions and feel satisfied with any kind of birth outcome. Kaili is a mother of three children and enjoys living in beautiful Santa Cruz with her husband.

Kristina Cabrera, MA, RYT-200

Kristina finds the mat as a place to do a personal dance that always cultivates a
positive shift whether it be in mood, stress level or physical strain. As a yoga teacher she feels it is such an honor to be able to facilitate this dance for others. Kristina feels such gratitude to be trusted by others to take witness of their personal transformations and journey that yoga may present for them.


All are welcome in Kristina’s flow class. It is her wish you feel challenged and wanting more after
practicing in community. Kristina works as a Resource Teacher locally at Mission Hill Middle School in addition to her contracted class at Luma. She has been trained in traditional Hatha Yoga at Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga in San Diego, and has also trained with Shiva Rea in Los Angeles in the Vinyasa Flow method.

Kymm Ann Wallin, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator

In her work with pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, Kymm Ann draws upon a wealth of experience, having served hundreds of families as they journey into parenthood. Her approach is compassionate, genuine, and wise. Kymm Ann has worked with birthing families in various settings for over 20 years. She has supported families birthing in the hospital as a Doula, and as an Assistant Midwife in home birth and birth center settings. Kymm Ann received her bachelor’s in psychology in 1991, and finds this degree to be a useful springboard for her work with families in the childbearing year. Her strong interest and fascination with birth came to fruition in 1995. At this time she began her studies, and was honored to learn the delicate art of supporting women in labor and postpartum alongside seasoned doulas and midwives.


Kymm Ann is an active member of the Santa Cruz birth community – she serves as a board member for Birth Network of Santa Cruz County, regularly attends peer review meetings and enjoys mentoring aspiring doulas. At Luma, Kymm Ann provides birth education and infant massage workshops.


Founder of Mother’s Journey, Kymm Ann currently works with families in both Santa Cruz and the greater South Bay area.

Kyra Haglund

Kyra Haglund, ACSW, SEP, E-RYT, is a Clinical Social Worker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, and Yoga Teacher. She is an integrative therapist that draws on traditional psychodynamic and cognitive interventions, mindfulness practices, and somatic psychotherapy informed by the intersection of current neuroscience and trauma research.


Kyra lived and studied holistic arts & cultural anthropology extensively in India and Nepal and completed her graduate studies in social work from the University of Southern California, focusing on mental health, military social work, family systems, and public policy.


Believing that yoga creates a positive ripple effect of healing and growth, she has been integral in developing trauma-informed yoga programs and trainings throughout Los Angeles. She has worked with combat veterans, LAUSD, recovery centers, survivors of human trafficking, and the homeless veteran community in Skid Row. Kyra also co-created the Santa Monica Yoga teacher training program.


Luma is pleased to contract with Kyra for our annual Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training. Want to know when she’ll be back? Email us at [email protected]

Lauren Stephanoff

Lauren has practiced yoga since 1999, but it wasn’t until she became pregnant in 2013 that she recognized how integral it was to her overall well being. Prior to having her daughter, she worked in various roles as a Registered Nurse. She was introduced to yoga with children when she first attended a Toddler & Me class in 2015, and has been called to keep playing at it since. She completed the Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Luma Family Yoga Center with Lynda Meeder in early 2017.


Lauren offers a compassionate space for little ones and their caregivers to move, create, and simply be in. Her classes, offered at Luma and Watsonville Yoga, Dance and Healing Arts are a lighthearted combination of yoga and nature inspired movement and song, with emphasis on the breath, connection, imagination, and learning to flow with what is. She enjoys being out in nature; time connecting with family, friends and community; and practicing and co-creating yoga inspired movement with her daughter, Delia.


In addition to her teaching, Lauren co-created MATR meditation cushions.

Leanna Immel, RYT-200

Leanna (RYT-200) rediscovered her love of yoga in 2011 when she attended an Aerial Yoga class, incorporating the fluidity of dance with the disciplined art of yoga. After a couple of years ‘in the air’, she transitioned to the mat where she developed regularity in both flowing + stillness practices. As an elementary school teacher, Leanna wanted to further her yoga education so as to bring the teachings alive for her students. By attending the YogaKids Inc. Foundations Training, she has been able to provide a playful and nurturing practice to children in classroom, camp, and studio settings.


Upon seeing the transformation yoga was making in her personal life and the benefits it was bringing her students, Leanna pursued and completed the 200-hour Luma Yoga Teacher Training. Drawing inspiration from local and international yoga teachers such as Valerie Moselle, Matthew Remski, Jules Mitchell, Don & Amba Stapleton, Jenni Rawlings, Bo Forbes, Bridget Puchalsky and others, her classes are created with thoughtful intention and inclusivity.


Leanna’s current interests include: making yoga practices sustainable and accessible, emphasizing inquiry, discovery and dialogue, encouraging the relationship between movement and breath, cultivating awareness both on the mat and out in real life, applying resilience-based techniques to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing, bringing the tools of yoga, mindfulness and breathing to a broader audience.


She is currently enrolled in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy’s Level 2 Comprehensive Training, with an anticipated completion of December, 2019. She hopes to blend her love of yoga with the therapeutic world of psychology. Applications for grad school have been submitted! Locally, Leanna is currently contracted for classes & workshops at Luma Yoga and 1440 Multiversity, and for the Santa Clara County Title IVE Collaborative. Contact her for private sessions, public classes, course offerings and more, here.

Lisa Piediscalzi, L.Ac., RCST®, IBCLC

The mother of two teenaged boys, Lisa has worked as a licensed acupuncturist since 1994. In 2006 she completed a 2-year, 700-hour foundational training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and has subsequently participated in several hundred hours of seminars focusing specifically on the treatment of newborns and infants. In 2010 she became credentialed as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). When working with babies and moms, Lisa draws upon her knowledge of craniosacral therapy, feeding issues and alternative medicine to create an integrative treatment plan that addresses each patient’s unique needs. Lisa’s contracted classes at Luma currently include TummyTime!™, as well as breastfeeding classes for expectant parents.

Lynda Meeder

An international yoga trainer and mentor, Lynda is an Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher at the 500-hour level (E-RYT500), a MELT® instructor, and an Integrated Movement Therapy® certified therapist. Her adult yoga classes are influenced by her 500+ hours of training with teachers from the Anusara Yoga community. Lynda has developed and delivered custom yoga trainings for corporations, schools and educational conferences. Lynda’s fun-filled, creatively themed children’s classes explore yoga poses as pathways to nourish the whole child. Her adult classes blend the alignment principles of Anusara with heart-centered Vinyasa flow. She weaves her love for play, pleasure, and embodied presence into every class.

Magnolia Rasak, ERYT-200

Magnolia discovered yoga at the age of 16, and it was love at first class!

Magnolia began teaching in 2002, and has traveled the world studying various styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Tantra, and Prenatal. Her studies have guided her throughout India, Thailand, Mexico, Bali, and the U.S. She is drawn to the practice yoga not only for the asana (physical) benefits, but for the greater way of life that yoga encompasses. Non-violence, compassion, awareness, mindfulness, acceptance, and connection to all Beings.


As a yoga instructor, Magnolia utilizes the physical as a means for deeper exploration into the subtle energies at play in our lives. She aims to guide her students towards a state of physical strength, inner harmony, and self transformation through the practice of yoga. She encourages her students to cultivate a deeper awareness of their physical body, while simultaneously expanding the awareness between mind, body and spirit.


For more information about Magnolia and her classes, workshops, and retreats please visit: www.magnoliarasak.com

Marilyn Hymes

Marilyn’s greatest passion lies in teaching pre- and postnatal yoga. As a birth doula and a mother, she honors, respects and understands the transformation and life changing experience that only pregnancy and motherhood can bring. Witnessing first hand the tremendous benefits that yoga had in her own pregnancies, labor and birth, Marilyn want only to share her discoveries with all pregnant women. In her classes, Marilyn encourages mamas to tap into their inner strength, nurturing their spirit, body and baby. She offers gentle reminders and explanations of each movement and pose allowing mamas to understand and receive the full benefit. Marilyn’s classes create community: both a sacred space to connect with other pregnant mamas, and most of all a safe space to connect with your baby.

Matthew Remski, Writer, ERYT-500

Matthew has been practicing meditation and yoga since 1996, sitting and moving with teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist, Kripalu, Ashtanga, and Iyengar streams. Along the way he’s been certified as a yoga therapist and an Ayurvedic consultant, and has maintained a private practice in Toronto since 2008. From 2008 through 2012 he co-directed Yoga Festival Toronto and Yoga Community Toronto, non-profit activist organizations dedicated to promoting open dialogue and accessibility. He currently facilitates programming for yoga trainings internationally, focusing on yoga philosophy, meditation, Ayurveda, and is currently contributing to the Yoga Alliance Yoga Standards Project, advising on the Scope of Practice qualifications.


As a heart-centered skeptic, Matthew’s present work focuses on the philosophical and social psychological aspects of the practice. His work is controversial, yet thorough, and recent conversations and publications shine an important light on sensitive, systemic, provocative and destructive issues that underscore modern postural yoga (MPY).


He is the author of eight books of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction including the Threads of Yoga: a remix of Patanjali’s Sutras, Family Wakes Us Up, and is a contribute to Yoga PhD, a compilation of essays on the culture, politics, and practice of yoga.


Luma is pleased to contract with Matthew for special workshops. Want to know when he’ll be back? Email us at [email protected] or find more information at matthewremski.com/wordpress/

Max Strom, global speaker, teacher & author

Many know him for his two inspiring books: A Life Worth Breathing, now published in five languages, and There is No APP for Happiness, his most recent title addressing the challenge of finding meaning in the digital age.


Max Strom’s interdisciplinary method, Inner Axis, is a system of field-tested techniques that produce immediate results. It is an innovative method that incorporates well-being exercises, breath-work, and breath-based yoga movement to generate personal health and growth. Because of its success with individuals across the world, Inner Axis is now being adopted by corporations as a sustainable mindfulness program, organizations that want to not only be successful, but healthy, and to make a meaningful difference in the world.


Among Max’s recent speaking appearances were three TEDx events and a keynote speech on ethics in business at a Fortune 500 corporation. His articles and interviews have appeared in print, online media, radio, and television around the globe. As an in-demand speaker, Max has presented his method at the first Wellness Symposium in Saudi Arabia, The Inner Idea Conference, the Happinez Festival in the Netherlands, The Singularity University in the Silicon Valley, The Sea Island resort, as well as many yoga conferences.


Luma is pleased to contract with Max for special workshops and events. Want to know when he’ll be back? Email us at [email protected] or find more information at maxstrom.com

Megan Hawk

Megan considers teaching prenatal yoga a great joy and loves sharing the nurturing gifts of yoga with blossoming mothers. Megan is herself a mother of two with a background in dance and drama. She has been teaching ViniYoga since 2002 and prenatal yoga since 2010. She is also trained in Calm Birth techniques, which she blends into her yoga instruction. Megan’s prenatal class is Vini style and includes gentle postures guided by breath and adapted to each student’s body and capacity. She also incorporates elements of belly dance, to strengthen the abdominals and open the hips.

Mireille Gale

Mireille, founder of Blessed Birth Doula Care, has been serving the local birth community for more than a decade as a birth and postpartum doula, pre and postnatal yoga instructor, birth educator, and student midwife. Her life mission is to provide the support, information, and empowerment needed for families to transition smoothly through the transformative experience of becoming parents. Her trainings include DONA International Doula training, Whole Birth Yoga teacher training, and a 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher training. She is currently a student at the National Midwifery Institute and working toward her midwifery licensure. Prior to contracting at Luma, Mireille taught pre and postnatal yoga at the Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz Chi Center, and Harmony Birth in Campbell. When she’s not working with new families, Mireille enjoys time in the garden at home with her three children, ecstatic dance, journaling, and hiking.

Nadine Lollino, CMT, E-RYT

Working in yoga, massage and dance has been a great gift, a way for Nadine to connect with others and to encourage health and happiness. As a performer she hopes that the connection made with her audience is one that calms, opens and inspires. As a dance facilitator, in moving meditations, she hopes to create safe space for others to let go and be expressive. Therapeutic massage is a hands-on tool to facilitate change, positive touch enhancing our physical manifestation. Yoga gives us the daily tools for awareness and transformation.


Nadine has extensive study in massage techniques including neuromuscular, myofascial, prenatal, lymphatic drainage, and includes cupping, moxa, and tuning forks to sessions when appropriate. She also has specified experience in headache/migraines, as well as with athletes and performers. Nadine’s massage practice is also influenced by her background in dance and yoga. She brings a creative and technical toolbox having studied in movement therapy, Astanga, Hatha and Iyengar yoga, focusing on therapeutic yoga for ailments as well as for overall health. Nadine is available for massage, as well as one-on-one yoga sessions. When we hurt, we need relief, but we also need to be educated about posture, tightness and weakness, habits, stresses, and have an active, joyful participation in our own healing.


Learn more about Nadine’s Yoga and Bodywork offerings at Luma and beyond.

Nancy Greenwood, LM, CPM

Nancy has been incredibly fortunate to have served women and their families as a midwife in Canada for over 20 years, attending hundreds of births at home, in birth centers and hospitals, and will be licensed by the California Medical Board as a homebirth midwife in early 2018. She is a graduate of Luma’s 200 YTT program and was introduced to Prenatal Yoga by Valerie Moselle. As part of the Pacific Community Midwives, Nancy provides quality care for homebirth in Santa Cruz and beyond in addition to her classes at Luma.


Nancy feels there aren’t many things quite as wonderful as a roomful of pregnant women (and their babies), letting go of the daily grind, slowing down, tuning in deeply to their bodies and their babies, being with the fullness of pregnancy, sharing hopes and fears, cultivating physical, emotional and mental strength, flexibility and balance, building community with one another, even if for only 80 minutes on the mat – community is at least as important as the yoga for mothering in today’s world.


Pregnancy and birth can be the most empowering and transformative time in a woman’s life. Yoga can tap into and cultivate that energy, potentially also healing past experiences. Nancy believes yoga can smooth the way in surrendering to labor and birth with resilience, power and grace. Her classes combine mantra, meditation, breath and gentle postures with time to check in and ask questions.

Rachel Slade

Rachel is a licensed home birth midwife and excited to getting back into the community after several years away. Her passion for working with new families has always been alive, and before pursuing midwifery she completed her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. She has years of experience working with pregnancy, newborns, and young children. She is able to offer her wealth of knowledge with families regarding developmental milestones, resources in the community, breastfeeding support, postpartum healing, and more. Join Rachel Thursdays at 1:30 pm for the New Mom and Baby support group.

Robin Penney, RYT-500, ERYT-200

Robin Penney teaches alignment-based Vinyasa Flow, and is known for her clarity in verbal instruction, smart, creative sequencing, and attention to the cadence and rhythm of the breath. Her classes are steeped in choreography and often feature a “ladder flow” structure so that students learn a sequence of poses and then repeat variations on that flow to practice it and find further refinement and openness as the class progresses. Students will enjoy Robin’s detailed alignment cues that encourage a balance of flexibility and stability in the body. Strength building and core work are used to help students continually progress in their practice.


Robin uses the asana practice as a training ground for exploring mental and emotional patterns and behaviors within the self and with others off the mat. She incorporates the rich traditions of yoga philosophy through story, mantra, and breath work into her classes. Robin has studied many traditions, and is first and foremost a dedicated yoga practitioner and student herself. Among the styles she has studied and practiced are Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, Kula Flow, Moksha, and Ashtanga. Her teachers include Christina Sell, Schuyler Grant, Giocanda Parker, Samantha Shakti Brown, Kenny Graham, Darren Rhoades, Cate Stillman, Neesha Zollinger, Meaghan Currie, and many others. An enthusiastic teacher since 2011, she is currently working on her 500-hour RYT certification.


For more information about Robin and her classes, workshops, and retreats please visit: https://robinpenney.yoga/

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown experienced the life changing gift of yoga when she began taking prenatal yoga classes at Golden Bridge twelve years ago. She was captivated by the feeling of peace and the sweet time to slow down and tune into her body and the baby growing inside. At the end of every class mamas would wrap their arms around their wombs and sing “Long Time Sun” to the babes. It was then that a sweet seed of devotion was planted in Sarah’s heart. For over ten years, she was dedicated to growing her personal practice, exploring different teachers and styles of yoga. In 2015, she completed a 200-hour Teacher Training with DiviniTree Yoga and is currently working towards a 500-hour certification.


Sarah encourages her students to nourish themselves first and foremost. She is passionate about self care, Ayurvedic nutrition, and meditation. Her classes incorporate conscious breath, Pranayama, and movement with alignment to bring a greater awareness to the connection of body, mind, and spirit. Her peaceful presence is helpful to those seeking refuge from daily stress. Sarah is grateful for her teachers Hannah Muse, Kenny Graham, and Kofi Busia who inspire her to offer her intuitive heart to others.

Sasha Neese, RYT-200, RCYT-95

Sasha Neese, of Delighted Sol Arts, has been practicing yoga since 2008. She fell in love with Kids Yoga when she started practicing with the Luma community; the light-hearted, creative approach to movement resonated deeply. She completed both her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 95-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training here at Luma Yoga, with directors Valerie Moselle and Lynda Meeder. She strives to continually grow and learn along side those she teaches. Her classes use imagination, movement, song and stillness to help kids learn about themselves, communicate with others, and tap into the unique sense of wonder they have for the world around them. Her currently contracted classes at Luma include Kids Yoga 3+ Years, and Family Yoga.

Shannon Jenkins

Building on her foundation in Kinesiology with a bachelor’s degree from San Jose State, Shannon has spent over twenty years as a massage therapist providing therapeutic bodywork to our Santa Cruz community. Applying her deep understanding of anatomy, to the knowledge she gained by completing the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Luma Yoga with Valerie Moselle, Shannon is uniquely qualified to address the specific needs of her students.


As a busy mom to two teenage boys, Shannon is intimately aware of the vital role self-care plays in our lives. Finding yoga to be a personal source for centering and grounding, helping her tackle life’s challenges, she was inspired to teach others. Shannon designs each class to incorporate alignment based yoga, linking postures with intentional breath and stillness, to both calm and strengthen the mind and body. Nurturing her love of community through yoga, Shannon creates a supportive space for students to develop their practice. Her currently contracted classes at Luma include Prenatal Yoga, and Align & Shine.

Steven Macramalla, PhD

Born in Montreal, Steven began his martial arts training in 1990 in British Columbia under Constantine Darling. He went on to earn his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, and is now Chief Instructor of Chien-Lung Six Animals Kung-fu, of which he has been teaching for over 25 years. His classes and workshops are offered at Luma as well as Body & Soul, both located in Downtown Santa Cruz. Steven has been a personal fitness and marathon trainer, yoga teacher, and nutrition consultant, and currently teaches Psychology at San Jose State University.

Susann Suprenant, PhD

Susann Suprenant is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, a Mindbody Coach trained in the “Unlearn Your Pain” model, and holds a Ph.D. in Theatre Arts. Using the Feldenkrais Method, Susann helps students increase mental and emotional flexibility, enrich their quality of life, and to realize their full creative potential. She specializes in leading clients through chronic pain recovery through somatic education, mindfulness practices, emotional fluency, creative expression, and enhancing mental and physical well being.


Her mindbody coaching focuses on identifying each person’s individualized needs and incorporates a blend of Pain Science Education (TMS/PPD) with Presence-Based Coaching (PBC). She is informed by her training and practices in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Expressive Arts and Embodiment approaches and, most especially, the Feldenkrais Method.


Learn more about Susann’s classes, workshops and private sessions at: https://www.creativesomatics.com/

Tamara Juel

Tamara Juel is a certified therapeutic yoga/movement teacher, and received her massage training from The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy (500 hours) in 2004.


She offers mindful therapeutic massage therapy for the childbearing year and beyond. She believes deeply in the benefits of offering present moment awareness to her clients. Tamara draws on her experience as a yoga/movement therapist, teacher, mother, doula/midwives’ assistant, as well as her comprehensive massage therapy training to bring both an informed and intuitive approach to massage therapy.


She received her yoga training through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, in Bristol, Vermont, as well as Pre-natal and Post-partum yoga training through Niroga Institute in Oakland, CA. Her yoga lineage comes from Tantric Yoga rooted in the Bhakti (devotion) approach to yoga. She teaches, lives and breathes from the heart. She offers Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Movement©, Prenatal and Postpartum yoga classes and workshops. The Yoga Movement classes offer an Ashtanga, Iyengar, Phoenix Rising, & Hatha yoga approach to the postures, with additional elements of free movement, flowing sequences, static postures, and inner inquiry. Tamara’s dance back ground is in ballet, modern, jazz, belly dance, and somatic dance forms such as Bartinieff fundamentals. Tamara believes in the wisdom of the body, and in assisting others in drawing out their inner teacher. She pulls from her experience as a massage therapist, Yoga/Movement Therapist, birth doula, midwives assistant, yogi, mother, and lifelong dancer to bring a depth and passion to her classes and workshops. Om Shanti.

Valerie Moselle, ERYT-500, RPYT, YACEP

Valerie began teaching yoga in 2001 and has been a devoted student of the practice for over 20 years. She is an Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT500) with an additional emphasis in Prenatal Yoga (RPYT). In addition to creating and leading Luma’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program, Valerie offers regular, thoughtfully designed public classes that encourage an individualized exploration of yoga postures with breath awareness as the primary focus.


Valerie has lived and studied yoga in Southern California, India, and San Francisco. She now resides in Santa Cruz with her husband Nick, and daughters Poppy and Amma, and where she founded Luma in 2012. Her idea for the center sprang from her desire to integrate family life with personal health and wellbeing. The center serves individuals of all ages and honors that the peace and wellbeing we seek through yoga can be accessed through quiet and solitude, but also through a vibrant and diverse community. Prior to opening Luma, Valerie taught in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Berkeley, and at Nourish in Santa Cruz.

Zoe Kosovic, CMT, RYT-200

Zoë is fascinated and motivated by the human capacity for resilience, innovation, and grace, qualities which are physically embodied through the practice of yoga asana. Her years of experience as a Certified Massage Therapist, master-level Reiki practitioner, and yogi have shown her the healing potency of creating space to allow the bodymind to exercise its genius. She views yoga as an opportunity to shape, embody, and breathe life into our cosmology, allowing for transformation to occur through the individual for the collective.


Zoë’s approach to teaching yoga reflects the human need for play, creative experimentation, and connection to the natural world. Yoga gifts us with a key to a limitless toolbox for living well and Zoë aims to facilitate a vital practice that grows and develops with the individual. Through her own kooky body, she has learned that because every body is unique, every practice looks different, which is reflected in the permissive inclusivity of her teaching. Zoë’s devotion to somatic biomechanical investigation dovetails with gritty, practical woo to offer a unique experience of the bodymind.


Learn more about Zoe’s classes and services here.


Off the mat, she can often be found enjoying the fruits of her yoga practice while skating at the roller rink, romping around with her guru (a French bulldog & puggle mix named Ladybird), and studying the living love letter that is the honeybee.

Interested in contracting with us? Contact us with your resume at [email protected]